Quality Control

There is no common definition of construction quality in the UK.

It is subjective and viewed from different perspectives:

The client, design team, principal contractor, specialty
Contractors, end user, companies, all view quality from different perspectives. All Clients want good quality, reliability and consistency with projects that meet their expectations and requirements. Quality matters to everyone in the construction Business.

It should:

  • Innovate and please customers by exceeding their expectations.

Quality assurance requirements for both design and construction are:

  • A disciplined well qualified design team led by a competent experienced, Designer or Architect and Client
  • Adequate on site Construction Manager/ Site Supervisor CSCS qualified to organise the work ensuring. Work is completed safely, within budget and on time.
  • A competent qualified Clerk of Works also known as site inspector, construction inspector or building quality inspector –inspect workmanship, quality and safety of work undertaken on construction sites and report their findings to the Client, Designer and Architect. Providing written reports for use as expert witness material when things have gone wrong.

As construction increases in complexity, rules And regulations proliferate, often becoming more Complicated and consequently, less intelligible. Worse Still, they impinge upon more people, who may lack the time, the inclination, or the ability to study them. Commercial pressure means that sites are under more Scrutiny. In today’s global economy, companies must Demonstrate a commitment to deliver consistent Quality products and service. The construction Industry needs to treat quality issues in the same way it manages safety and health, with clear ownership of the results, good lines of communication, good Training, effective supervision, and robust reporting Mechanisms all assist in this process.

Benefits at a glace:

  • CSCS site manager cover (holidays- sickness etc)
  • Clerk of Works/ construction inspector
  • Heavy Civils/ Groundwork inspector
  • Conduct health and safety site inspections (report to client’s)
  • Conduct construction site inspections prepare reports as expert witness
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