Estimating Pricing from Plans etc

One of the most crucial components of the construction process, construction cost estimating is the process of forecasting the expense of building a physical structure. Understanding what a construction cost estimator is and the phases entailed is therefore essential to anyone who is concerned about how much their project will cost. Cost estimates are executed for many different types of construction projects, from building new structures to remodelling/ refurbishment projects Interestingly the Oxford English dictionary defines builders estimating as “the “exact science” of arriving at the costs required to complete a project. ”

Achieving success on most construction projects depends largely on:

  • size of project
  • commitment to programme
  • commitment to project budget
  • Detailed estimating undertaken at the outset by a competent professional will have considered the above points when drawing up priced bills of quantities / specifications etc.

Benefits at a glace:

  • no more guessing or ringing round suppliers – accurate estimates for labour and materials
  • to save you time and make it easy to manage (while you get on with your job)
  • Expert Advice on job attractiveness, risks and assumptions
  • Fast turnaround to meet your deadlines


Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM2015)

Have led to the transformation of Safety and health in building and construction work. quality management in the UK has no comparable Set of regulations. Instead, there is a muddle, with a reliance on compliance with standards, codes, And regulations, backed up by Local building control, and Contract terms and conditions. This plethora of rules, Standards, and regulations is complex, not easily Understood or accessible to all.

In Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) contracts, emphasis is on the responsibility of the ‘Employer’ to provide Drawings / bill of quantities / specification / schedule to Define quantity and quality. They also address the issue Of risk related to different types of procurement.

Benefits at a glace:

  • Raising and managing the F10 notification for notifiable projects (client’s duty to notify HSE. (regulation 6))
  • Ensuring that a Construction Phase Plan is in place (client duty to authorise commencement of construction phase regulation 5)
  • Provision of health and safety advice on complex projects and situations
  • Assisting Principal Contractors develop construction phase plans
  • We can also carry out regular Inspections on your site to promote a positive Health and Safety culture. Our site inspections are structured to monitor that the Principal Contractor is actually doing what he said he will do in his developed construction phase plan (clients duty to manage regulation 8)


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